live mindfully 
reduce mind clutter 
minimize stress and negative emotions*attitudes 
(shame, guilt, worthlessness, inadequacy, regret, remorse, anger, loneliness)
overcome depression and anxiety
reduce defensive behaviors
boost self esteem and self care
reduce fear, anxiety and feelings of abandonment 
stay in the present
improve boundaries – identify personal limitations
change negative thinking & preoccupation with negative consequences
increase intimacy with others
heal from past traumas (e.g. abuse, PTSD)
reduce triggers
learn to be in the here and now – present
develop a healthier body image  
learn to breathe and reduce anxiety
release emotional trauma in the body (somatic experience)
become agile and improve posture
release body tension and stiffness
stimulate your brain – teach the brain new tricks
integrate your body with your recovery
identify emotional and physicial pain
connect to a higher power within the body
awaken your spiritual connections
find a sense of peace and compassion
develop joyful – healthful rituals
create sacred space
Alison Costa, LMFT, E-RYT 200
San Francisco and Marin County